BDSM activities are a gratifying experience for the many enthusiasts who enjoy this lifestyle and play activity. During a bdsm scene,
basic safety measures should be taken to keep you and your partner safe and free from injury. Planning ahead and being prepared
to handle an emergency is as important as preventing one in the first place.

Before you enter into a bdsm situation with a partner, be sure you are both clear about what the needs and limitations are for both
of you. Discuss your fantasies and concerns candidly. If talking frankly about a scene makes you uncomfortable, doing it may be
unbearable. This is a good way to gauge your readiness for a bdsm scene. You should feel completely comfortable with your
partner. Keeping yourself mentally safe is the first priority.

If you have health concerns such as diabetes, epilepsy, psychiatric or cardiac issues make sure your partner knows and discuss
with them what to do in an emergency. Bottoms should be able to escape and take care of their top if you are playing in private with
nobody close by to help out if the need arises. Knowing where the key is, the ability to reach a phone, etc. Should all be planned for
in advance.

Fainting is often the result of hyperventilation. This can happen due to many factors during a bdsm scene. Dehydration, low blood
sugar, intense emotions, and overheating can all be causes of fainting. As well as remaining in an unnatural position for too Long.
Prevent this frightening occurrence by being well hydrated before and during a scene. Keep a small snack handy in the event that
blood sugar levels take a dive under duress. Adequate hydration and nutrition are as important to bdsm activities as they are to any
physical sport. Heavy meals should be avoided right before a scene as well.

Many people use a safe word or signal during a bdsm scene. This is a word that is agreed upon in advance of play that the bottom
may use to tell the top that an experience is going beyond their limits. This is a useful practice because it allows both parties the
ability to act and react without concern of disrupting the energy of the scene needlessly. Be sure your safe word is one that you will
remember easily in a high stress situation. It should also be a word that does not sound like a normal part of bdsm play. Another
option is to have the bottom hold a small ball or a scarf in their hand. They may drop this item if they are gagged and unable to
speak. It should never be the goal of the top to take a scene to a level where the bottom uses their safe word.

Restraints and bindings are a mainstay of most bdsm scenes. Restraints should never cause numbness, tingling, or discoloration of
the hands and feet. The extremities should not feel cold either. Never leave a restrained person unattended. It is rare that a
restraint will be tight enough to cause difficulty in breathing. However, do not take any risks in a situation where the bottom states
that they are having trouble breathing. If this should occur, remove restraints from the airway and trunk of the body first. Gags,
hoods, collars, corsets or other bindings in the thorax region should come off before wrist cuffs and blindfolds if a person cannot
breathe well. This also applies to situations where the bottom has fainted.

Impact play should concentrate on the buttocks, upper back, shoulders, and legs. Care should be taken to avoid striking the neck
and kidney areas especially. The area around the ribs has the spine and many vital organs. The risk of injury is higher and hitting
these areas is not a safe practice.

Suspension play is dramatic and fun. Be sure to use special suspension cuffs if raising the bottom off the floor by the wrists or
ankles. Stretching and warming up muscles prior to a suspension scene will prevent some injuries and muscle spasms. Check in with
the bottom frequently to monitor their condition and do not leave them suspended for Long periods of time. Never leave a
suspended person unattended.

BDSM’s element of danger is part of its allure. It is to be enjoyed, keeping in mind that sometimes hurt is good, but harm is always
bad. Plan the experience in advance, safeguard against injuries. Keep necessary supplies on hand such as a first aid kit, surgical
scissors, drinks, and snacks. Taking care and responsibility will only make the scene hotter as you will be able to relax and enjoy the
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